Special construction method and system


Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement


Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement (RCCP) is the new concrete paving method. Under this method, the stiff-consistency concrete with smaller amount of water per unit is employed and leveled off by an asphalt finisher etc. and then compacted by vibrating roller for finishing the pavement.


When comparing with asphalt pavements, RCCP has the following features;

  • Superiority in durability such as fluidity resistance, wearing resistance and oil resistance etc.

When comparing with conventional concrete pavements, RCCP has the following advantages;

  • Work execution is superior since RCCP can be done by using asphalt paving machines. (Shortening the workday is feasible.)
  • Earlier start for the usage due to RCCP’s initial load resistance (Number of standard curing day is 3)
  • No use of concrete forms is feasible subject to the site conditions and the thickness of slab is designable at option.

Applicable uses (Examples)


Road for general use / Yard road / Expressway / Road for construction sites / Parking area / Pavement inside tunnels/ Ascending traffic lanes / Base course of composite pavement / Others


Container Yard / Yard for Timbers / Yard for Coal / Airport apron / Port Cargo Marshalling yard / Caisson manufacturing yard / Place for events / Parking lot for general use / Parking lot for heavy duty vehicles / Market for fish, or vegetable and fruit / Others

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