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Industrial Wastes Treatment Facilities

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Industrial Wastes Treatment Facilities

While we are maintaining the amicable and cultural life, we are producing various kind of wastes or rubbish day by day. The increasing amount of the rubbish or garbage is indicatively in proportion to the increasing population, improvement of living standards and enlargement of production activities. For ensuring better life environments, therefore, the wastes disposing facilities are unavoidable and its necessity is imminent reflecting the increasing wastes. We must seriously consider not only social/industrial activities figuratively called industrial arteries and also wastes issues which is figuratively called industrial vein.

Kajima Road has contributed for building and maintaining wastes disposal facilities by its new and environment-friendly technology.

Sasaharada final disposal yard

Toyokawa final disposal yard

Muck selection yard in Ken-ou-dou
(Central Ring Road)

Excavated wastes selection yard
in Ichikawa Clean Center

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