Special construction method and system

Asphalt Facing Method

High technology and various experiences recognized widely by the world

Asphalt Facing Method

This method is applied to construct a surface impervious wall for the structure such as fill dam, large-scale water reservoir (or regulating pond),and embankment.

The surface impervious wall is designed to have withstand-ability against strong erosion effect, big water pressure and osmotic pressure, thereby it is characterized with the excellence of ground deformation follow-up, no effect on water quality, etc. The Asphalt Facing Method is one of Kajima Road's excellent technologies recognized world-wide. Kajima Road has no equal in this sector due to its excellent technology and abundant construction records.

Numahara regulating reservoir in Tochigi prefecture among others is the largest reservoir with respect to scale, geographical and meteorological conditions and the like. Further, Banba regulating reservoir has been constructed by Kajima Road's own technology with no introduction of Western know-how.

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