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Spot Recycle System

Mixing at site / Recycling at site

What is Spot Recycle System

Spot Recycle System is the asphalt pavement repair and reinforcement method with emphasis of resources-saving, energy-saving and anti-pollution. The system enables superannuated pavements to be recycled as a sub-base course for renewing the pavement. Kajima Road is the pioneer in this field.

This method is applicable only by employing a high performance type crusher cum mixer (Super-stabilizer, etc.) The stabilization treatment material is partly added to asphalt concrete, base-course materials or road bed soil of an existing superannuated pavement, while the crushing, stirring and mixing work are carried out on the pavement. Thus, this method enables to newly construct the more economical and durable sub-base course when comparing to the conventional method such as cutting/overlay method, replacement method or patching etc.

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