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Community Development/Housing Site Preparation

Kajima Road, based on its experiences has coped with new life space creation which is a very close sphere of people. One of such creations is to produce a lively community. For this, Kajima Road has constructed museums succeeding to invaluable cultural heritages, stages for cultural activities, educational, cultural and social welfare facilities including schools, recreational places such as arcades, parks. Furthermore it has participated in station front re-development projects and urban re-development projects from the macro viewpoint of urban environment development.

Kajima Road has, through its housing site design and construction, been in pursuit of theme on what is amicable and health life or what is the environment fit for living. For realizing this pursuit, Kajima Road has promoted to create inhabitable environment with sun beams, wind and greenery as well as amicable infrastructures where human being and nature in good harmony relationship are achievable. Kajima Road's undertaking nation-wide in this sector is a big help for shaping rich livelihood in the future.

Okabe Industrial Park

Nachigaoka housing site

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