Special construction method and system

SKS Method

Unique SKS Method is earth-environment friendly

SKS Method (Foamed Asphalt Method)

For preservation of earth environment, the curtailment of discharging Carbon dioxide (CO2) and Nitrogen oxide (NOx) as well as the resources draining come to the major issues, which demand the countermeasures or development in construction methods. SKS method employs Formed Asphalt enabling to make mixing stabilization under normal temperature for the material including moisture-state fine particles, low quality aggregates, and asphalt recycled aggregates. Much attention is paid to this method, because it is a typical method of pollution-free, resource-saving and energy-saving.

By Foamed Asphalt Method, steam or water is added to heated (liquefied) asphalt under prescribed conditions, which produces fine foams and causes the asphalt to expand its volume (by 10 to 15 times), thereby decreases asphalt viscosity and secures easy mixing work.

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